Growers Guide

Growers Guide

Starting Point: Envision what you want to accomplish in your garden, establish clear and realistic goals and research how you can bring them to fruition. The Web is a vast resource of grow information, materials, and guides to begin your project, though it can be a little overwhelming at times… that’s where we come in. Whether you’re starting your first seed or designing your 10th grow space, it all comes down to proper planning. Don’t expect to walk into your local hydroponics store and have them lay it all out for you in the 20 minutes you’re in their shop. Educate yourself a little and develop a list of questions before your visit, the staff will appreciate knowing you’re serious about your garden and be better able to direct you toward the supplies you’ll need. Determine the most suitable location for your indoor garden and design around your space, medical needs and the laws that bind us… taking into consideration you’ll need ready access to electricity, water and fresh air. Begin your journey with clear goals and realistic expectations, learn how to supply yourself with a steady supply of high quality medicine before you volunteer to be the caretaker for 5 other local gardens. I am tired of hearing from people who say they are currently looking for a warehouse to start the next compassion club and then in the very same sentence ask what’s TDS? Be realistic! You can supply yourself with high quality medicine year-round, in a 4′x4′ area… or less! With a little education, some advanced planning, a small initial investment and plenty of passion, you’ll be enjoying the relief provided by your very own homegrown medicine in no time.

Securing Genetics: Securing solid genetics may be your toughest battle but also one of the most important. Starting out with bad genetics can be a daunting experience. Often growers just starting out will be overly frustrated two months in realizing their seeds were bunk. If you can get yourself some clones from a good source, thats what i suggest you do. If securing yourself some clones of a medicine you have tried and liked becomes a hassle you can always check out some of the international seed breeders. My personal favorite is TheAttitudeSeedBank, they carry most of the worlds most renowned strains as well as some very interesting new hybrids.

Vegetative Love: Your plants first days and weeks are possibly the most crucial, whether it be seedlings or freshly rooted clones. In the first few days your plants will want to be in a warm semi-humid environment(75°-85°/60%-85% rh).In these first few crucial days you don’t want to burn them with light or nutrients. I recommend them to be somewhere in the blue spectrum with either florescent T5s or Metal Halide keeping the plants a safe distance from any HID’s(16″+). Nutrient wise you will want your solution to be focused more on the N aspect of your solution. not going over an EC of 1.0 for roughly the first two weeks. This is where your plants root structure is really born.

Transition to Bloom: In this phase of the plants growth they are transitioning from the early spring part of their life where they are growing trying to provide plenty of foliage for photosynthesis to the reproductive aspect of there lives. Here is where your males will start to make pollen and your females will switch gears and start producing the hormones to produce its flowers. You don’t want to shock your plants by all of a sudden blasting them with high P+K mix thinking your gonna get more medicine, instead you want to slowly blend your mix back from high in N to a mix of all Macro Nutrients(NPK). At about week two into its flower period is where you want to start to ramp up the flower nutrients remembering that less is usually more in horticulture. For this phase i usually go at about 1.3/1.4 EC with a pretty close aspect ration with my N-P-K.

Flowering Period: So its been two weeks since switching your lights to 12/12 and your plants are finally starting to really show signs of flowering, your nodes are getting closer together and the small buds have let out a lot of white hairs. This is where i usually start to slowly wane off the N and focus more on my P-K and my bio catalysts which are trade secrets so no recipes here :) but i will tell you i keep my solution always below 2.4 EC. at about weeks 3-5 is where i am usually around 2.2 EC with a Ph of 5.9 in hydro always! Once your plants have started to show signs of ripeness i suggest to flush your EC to below 0.4 and after about 3-4 days they are ready to be cut down and pruned.

Harvest: Pruning and trimming is personal preference but i like to use good sharp scissors and really just go to town. Hanging my product in a dark environment with a controlled climate of 50°-70° and a very low humidity of below 50% and then just waiting 6-8 days and then jar it and cure it.

Curing: Place your medicine into glass jars and keep in a dark cool place. I recommend to open the tops and “burp” your medicine every dew days if you plan on storing it for any extended periods.

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