HighTimes® Cancels New England Cannabis Cup®

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 2.14.19 PM.pngWith rumors of permit troubles and logistical nightmares we have confirmed that HighTimes® New England Cannabis Cup has gone up in smoke.... HighTimes® owned by New York based Trans High Co. has decided to cancel their Rhode Island event scheduled for Stepping Stone Ranch in West Greenwich, RI on September 9th and 10th. 

With little to no fanfare a few months back, HighTimes® announced they would be bringing their Cannabis Cup® to New England. Well, as of today July 25th 2017, they have cancelled with just as little in the way of public announcement as they announced they were coming. Seems to us in 2017 Reefer Madness is still in full effect with the way towns are treating these events. Its unfortunate that in this day and age HighTimes® is having a systemic problem of securing permits in states with laws allowing cannabis, either medical or recreational.

As was the case in Denver this last year, and also in Las Vegas where attendees were promised one thing and then with little to no real answers, HighTimes® had to change the entire structure of their event and moved it to an indian reservation where no vending was allowed and the last day was cancelled due to high winds.

Stepping Stone Ranch Hosted "the most prestigious medical cannabis competition on the east coast", Cannabis Allstars® in the summer of 2014.  thefarmacist® who was contracted to host the Cannabis Allstars® event was able to fully secure all permits and mitigate all public safety concerns to host the two day event. Its baffling to us why the town or the ranch would not work hand in hand with HighTimes® to ensure the event went smooth and brought the small town new revenue. These events can be financial wins for the towns that host them.

According to  the event has been changed to be hosted in Detroit, Michigan.



Source of quote: "Founded in 2013, Cannabis Allstars® has grown to be one of the most prestigious medical cannabis competitions on the East Coast" -HighTimes 



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